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The Chickster Winning The Most Iconic Fried Chicken Award June 2022


Awards of Excellence


The Full Story

Years ago, Our Founder/Chef from Sydney moved back to his home-city, Pune. An enthusiast at heart, he had travelled all around the world, from Sydney, Dubai to America to capture the flavours of the world. He was in love with the local flavours, the communities and the culture from every country he visited. 
But what stuck with him the most were the distinct flavours of Fried Chicken across nations.

He decided to share his culinary experience with India by developing his own secret recipe and giving the ever-famous Fried Chicken with an Indian twist. Thus on a quaint winter day in 2020, The Chickster was born.  Soon the brand made its way to the heart of Pune- Koregaon Park.

With a promise of quality, The Chickster has built its foundation of love for food where all its customers come together under the same roof to celebrate the fusion of Indian-American flavours.

The Chickster exceptional menu has been curated to showcase Indo-American fare with his own little touch dedicated to the Indian folk. The Chickster is getting ready to spread its wings and land in other countries too. Stay tuned! 

So here we are ready to FRY! Making sure the chicken isn’t DRY.

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